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Boston Pasta Company was founded by local chef Kevin Long to provide a simple high-quality pasta and ravioli that allows professional chefs and home cooks to create extraordinary dishes with less time and effort. 


Boston Pasta Company provides locally sourced homemade fresh products and frozen products that eliminate the need for professional chefs to make pasta and ravioli from hand in-house. The products are made by specializing in traditional extruded pasta, a classic method of pressing the pasta through brass dies. With simple ingredients and the ability cook in under two minutes, Boston Pasta Company products provide a high quality base for their culinary creations.


Today, while we offer a wide variety of retail and wholesale pastas and ravioli, we are always in the process of creating additional pastas!

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Founding Chef Partner


Kevin Long has been involved in the Boston culinary scene for 30 years as Executive Chef of Tosca’s and a Chef/Partner for Big Night Entertainment Group. His experience includes opening over 10 successful properties in a partnership role and operating more than 20 restaurants and operations.

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